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>1st Time Client And Domination Desires


1st Time Client And Domination Desires

Mistress Mina checks her email and has a new client. Emily Addison, a hot, sexy blonde who the mistress is waiting to get her hands on. Unfortunately, the dungeon is occupied, but no worries, Mina calls Emily over to her place, “a domestic setting is much more intimate anyway”, especially for the erotic ties Mina has in mind. Shortly after her arrival, Emily is quickly tied to a chair, and the eroticism starts. Soon the cloths are removed and with her chest tightly bound and spread across the wooden table, Mina turns up the heat by teasing & tormenting her, but does not let her reach full ecstasy. Emily is then hog-tied on the floor, and this is where Mina gives her client exactly what she came for.
Goddess Soma runs a top notch Bondage Dungeon Downtown. Men and women visit the dungeon to experience Hard Bondage in the most Revealing Positions. Her client today is Vera Dylan. Vera has been sent by her Master for discipline of another sort. Goddess suspends her by her ankles and begins stripping her clothes off. Then she is dressed in latex and taken off to the real dungeon where the bondage gets much more intense! Bound on top of a bondage device, legs spread wide, arms bound above her head, enjoying every touch and vibration her Goddess gives her. Trust me; this is one film worth trying!

Cast: Mistress Mina, Goddess Soma, Emily Addison, Vera Dylan


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