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4 Positions and 2 Gags For Lexy Mae 1-2

Poor Lexy… She sits in a chair, arms overhead and hooded. After a few minutes she starts to panic. Her masked captor calmly approaches and removes her hood. Lexy moans and yelps as he grabs her by her hair with one hand and gropes her tits with his other. He must think that she’s to loud, as he walks away, but soon returns with an elastic bandage, which he uses to gag Lexy with. Her legs are spread wide, when he ties a spreader bar to her ankles. Her shirt is ripped open, exposing her perky tits. He roughly gropes and slaps her tits before he unties her waist from the chair. He pulls on the rope connected to her wrists and pulls her to her feet. Lexy is spread and pulled taught. She can’t escape her captors roaming hands. He gropes and slaps her ass and tits. He cuts away the ass and crotch of her white leggings before he starts adding more rope. A rope is pulled tight between her legs and more ropes are run under her voluptuous ass, giving it a nice lift and a better target for her captors ass slaps. He turns her around and gives her ass some nice hard slaps. He sits behind her and orders her to dance for him. She tries to rotate her hips, but he can tell she’s not trying as hard as she can. He stands and grabs her tit with one hand and gives her ass a few more hard slaps. Her performance was not good enough for him. Things are about to get worse for poor Lexy. Her arms are from above. He pulls up a chair behind her and her wrists are bound behind her. He adds another elastic bandage over her existing gag, making it even tighter…

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