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Adara’s Hazing Continues – Part 1

adara thought that after the panty gag ordeal that she’d be done. but she was wrong. This clip starts with adara’s wrists bound, and standing with a noose around her neck. She struggles and moans. I soon return. I grope and manhandle her for a while. I spin her around and start smacking her ass hard, before removing my belt. I fold it in two and start whipping her ass with it next. I make her spread her legs. I whip her facing forward and turned around. Next her tits, inner thighs and ass are slapped with a wooden spoon… yeah, that’s going to leave a mark. Her panties are cut off and shoved in her mouth. I tell her to keep them there while I tie rope into her hair. I wrap her mouth with clear tape. I also tape her entire head with the tape as well. I then tighten up the noose. I grab slap her tits a bit more before tying her hair off above as well. I spend some time afterwards binding her legs and upper body. When I’m done she is tied tight. I then spend a bit more time whipping her with my belt. I walk away but soon return with a chair. this is where Part 1 ends.

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