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Alice is Tied to the Whipping Post – Parts 1-2

The door opens and Alice hops out into the hot sunshine. She had been inside the small wooden shed for quite sometime, so the outdoor breeze is actually a Her Captor guides her along a path to the whipping post. He smacks her ass a few times along the way. She has to hop in high heels to keep up with him and she is soon breathing heavily as she struggles to keep up. She knows better than to lag behind or resist by now. Soon, exhausted, Alice arrives at her destination. Her Captor smacks her ass before placing is hand over her mouth and roughly groping her tits. He moves his hand to her throat as he continues roughly manhandling her. He removes his belt as starts whipping her ass with it. He finally stops, but it’s only so her can continue manhandling Alice. She whimpers and moans as he rips open her shirt and slaps her face and tits. He cuts the ass out her her white denim jeans and now starts spanking her bare ass. Alice is then whipped with the belt again. Afterwards, her wrists are untied and she is turned around. Her wrists are retied around the post. Soon a thick tree branch is shoved in her mouth, and tied, to quiet her. The birds chirp joyfully as her Captor binds her more completely to the post. At the end of the clip, he removes her gag…

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Duration: 20:21
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