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Amaya and the Madman part 1

There are many perspectives to being a Dom that I really enjoy…toying with a newbie’s anxieties, showing a hard core porn chic what hard core BDSM is all about, and letting myself go while at play with another serious player…Amaya is a Domme in training and part of that training should include a deep journey into one’s own submission, tolerance and true grit…this shoot involves no protocols at all…Amaya is our fantasy captive…and I play her perverted tormentor…the D/s roleplay is easy to switch into a captive fantasy role play and I often find that I enjoy it much more as a Dom…one person is simply helpless to the other’s whims because they are bound and apparently out of control….the only thing that they are asked to submit to is the process and in this case, they aren’t asked at all…of course, as in all forms of roleplay, consensuality, communication and red words are the order of the day…fortunately for us, Amaya enjoys this type of scene and we decide to take the shoot in that direction…So, I just get to be myself…and we get to see how Amaya reacts when she’s bound and alone with a sincere madman.

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