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An Evening of Gags with Ellen 1-4

This is the first television show of it’s kind, where every week a lovely damsel is bound and repeatedly gagged for your viewing pleasure! Ellen is this weeks damsel. Eric explains the format of the program before introducing Ellen. We get a good look at Ellen as Eric gets some rope. He binds her wrists behind her back before he gropes and slaps her ass repeatedly. He explains why this is a good before attempting an intense evening of gags. He has Ellen pose for a few minutes with her wrists bound before he pulls up a chair and Ellen takes a seat. He ropes her waist before strapping a ballgag in her mouth. He adds a few more ropes before he intensifies the ballgag by wrapping it with black tape. A ballgag is quite effective on it’s own, but Eric shows how to up the intensity. He adds to her chair bondage before he wraps elastic vetwrap over the ballgag and black tape. Now the gag is about as effective and tight as you can get…

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