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An Outstanding Display part 2

This update stands out in a lot of ways…most obviously, we have Dylan Ryan back again…we don’t really see Dylan often enough around here, and when she does show up, we wonder why it’s been so long since we last shot her…Dylan is not a small woman, but her body is so feminine and her appeal so soft, it’s easy to find yourself stunned that she is as tall as us men…not the Pope, but the average guy…Dylan is so tough and so sincere in her submissiveness and the Pope really puts her through very devious bondage progressions and predicaments…Each scene is a progression…at times all you need is the rope to make a model squirm, remain still or beg…the rope becomes the restraint and the implement of torment…the Pope’s interest in such things has grown to the point where he is teaching classes and giving demos on rope predicaments that leave many folks awe struck and dying to learn…but you don’t teach this stuff…a rope master interprets ideas and draws inspirations and forms his own scenes in his head…and when you have the talent and rigging awareness to pull it off safely, it’s quite wicked…That’s about as much as I kiss JP’s ass, but we are really proud to feature his work…Of course, he’s been here since 2004 so we aren’t really featuring his work anymore…DungeonCorp is his work…and DungeonCorp is definitely our models…Dylan is serious and experienced enough to allow the Pope to pull off these scenes and still remain truly vulnerable…and kinky enough to respond with crazy, body contorting orgasms…I think it’s an outstanding display..

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