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Anna Evans-Help! They have me tied up in the basement!

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Since her is out of town, Anna Evans stops by to check on her house. But when she finds the front door open, she believes that maybe mom has come home early. So she goes inside. Then she finds the basement door also open and she calls out downstairs for her mom. But her mom isn’t home. Instead there are 2 men downstairs who are here to rob Anna’s mom. They hide and wait as Anna slowly walks downstairs. Then they grab her and as one of the men holds her still, the other ties her up with rope. When Anna starts getting to loud, one of the men tells the other to gag her. He stuffs a handkerchief in Anna’s mouth and then ties a rag betwen her teeth. After pulling Anna’s dress off, they leave her bound and gagged on a chair as they go off to finish robbing the place. Anna struggles hard to get loose. She works her way off of the chair and starts squirming around on the floor. She then works her way onto a bed that is in the basement, hoping she can prop herself up so she can try to hop away. But one of the men returns and grabs her. Anna starts squealing loud through her gag as the man pulls her bra down and starts fondling her boobs. He then lifts and throws her on the bed. He brings out another piece of rope and hogties Anna so she cannot make any more attempts to get up and hop away. Luckily for Anna, her mom does arrive home early from her trip. But Anna will still have to spend several hours hogtied and gagged on the bed.

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Duration: 13:24
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