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Ashley & Creature

After being fully encased in hoses, wires, dildos, bondage and gas-masks, Ashley Renee submerges into her own inner-world of helplessness and extreme sexual stimulation. This is the journey which willing subjects experience when held in the clutches of The Creature.
Spanning 30 years of development, this complex collection of gear called The Creature is the brain child of the Canadian author and inventor JG-Leathers. JG’s quest for the ultimate bondage experience has been the motivating factor for developing this Rube Goldberg system of mechanics, pneumatics and electronics. Once applied to the human body, the Creature’s multi-pronged assault on the subject delivers a rollercoaster ride of sensations that amplify the experience of bondage, isolation and helplessness.
In this highly unique five-part 70 minute video we watch as the popular bondage model Ashley Renee is ‘installed’ in The Creature and taken for a ride with JG at the controls. And as you will see, once the ride is over and the system is powered down, Ashley emerges as a limp, motionless and drooling wet rag, barely able to talk, which is quite a difference from her usual exuberance.

Format: Windows Media
Video: 720×480

Total size: 1.1 GB in 5 files.