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Associated Completely – Casey

Casey Calvert joins me for a warm up scene for the 6th Hooters girl custom (coming soon!) and she thinks this warm up will be easy. It seems that way at first. Nice simple kneeling frog leg tie. Only medium tight elbow tie with hands at her sides. Then the knees are tied down to the front of the table and one more simple string is added. But this string makes all the difference. It goes to her neck and then to the back of the table. Its pulled just tight enough that the weight of her torso is off balance. Towards the back of the table. You got it yet? No? I’ll explain it. It’s like not being able to sit up straight. Stomach muscles tire and you have to lay back. Ok, maybe you think like Casey and that’s no problem. Go ahead. Lay on those bound elbows for a while. See how it feels. Casey finds out it hurts! So she sits back up. Which takes a LOT of energy. Only to find herself tiring again. Thus “predicament” Between a rock and a hard place. At the end she is made to the rock. Or is that the hard place? You decide.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 12:19
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