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Attitude Adjustment For Ginger – Part 1

Ginger is a young woman with a much older husband. He dropped her off for the weekend while he attends to some out of town business. The reason for leaving her with me is twofold. First: He wants to make sure she stays out of trouble, and Second: She has developed a bit of a feisty, defiant attitude lately which needs to be corrected. A weekend is plenty of time… actually a few hours is all it should take. I don’t want to deal with her current attitude all weekend, so I get right to “work”. The clip starts with Ginger up against a post and her arms bound behind her back and around it. I grab her by her hair as she grimaces and yelps. Two pairs of panties are shoved in her mouth and then an entire roll of vetwrap is wrapped around her head. I make her step up onto a concrete block before I grab some rope and start tying her to the post. Soon after I remove her gag. I then tie some rope into her hair before I gag her again. This time a very large sponge is shoved in her mouth with black tape making sure it stays there. I continue binding her to the post with rope. Her skirt gets in my way, so it’s cut off. Once, I get to her lower legs, I remove her boots. Ginger’s tits are on my list of things to be tied and her sweater is in my way. It’s cut off as well. I grope her tits and then pull them free of her bra. I spend a little time giving them each some good hard squeezes and a few slaps. This is where Part 1 ends.

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