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August-September 2020 updates for Christinabound

I have been a fetish-bondage model in the adult entertainment business for over 10 years. I’m in my mid-thirties and have seen many, many things in this business. I’ve watched dozens of models come and go. I guess being a fetish-bondage model isn’t for everyone! 😉 I will say, along the way I’ve not always made the best career or business decisions but I do feel like I have learned from my mistakes. I think someday when this is all over I’m going to write a tell-all book about the business.

I grew up in a small town in Northeastern Ohio, a tomboy, playing any kind of game you can think up. My cousins used to say; if they let girls on the football team I would make them champions. I did well in school but took on a fulltime job as soon as I was allowed. I guess I wanted to be all grown up… fast.

At age 19, I was already opening a business…a strip club. I guess that was my “introduction” to the adult entertainment world and then two more clubs followed. I also started doing some legitimate modeling working for a couple of agencies in the Midwest but they thought it unprofessional to mix traditional modeling with the fetish-bondage world. Too late, because I’d already done a few shoots.

I guess I have to mention the dozens of bikini contests I was in and winning. Then I became the MC for the contests. I have done promotional work for dozens of companies. I was the Thunder Harley Davidson Girl for years (commercials, ads, events). I worked for two show promoters and met many celebrities being the “go to” girl at many concerts.

So how did I end up here? I guess bondage and fetish found me. It won me, and my life over and overall I have no regrets. I have met some of the greatest people in this business along with my share of assholes. But hands down it is u my fans that truly keep me going! Any of you that know me know that’s no bullshit. I return everyone’s emails at least the polite ones, stop and pose for pictures and always remember that it is u my fans that make all of this possible. You’re here even through the curve balls life has sent me. Through sickness and health… dare I say it? I feel like I am in a marriage, not a business! That’s why I am here… for you!

On this site you will see lots of everything… bondage, fetish, glamour, messy and whatever your heart desires. I have worked for tons of bondage, fetish & glamour photographers, as well as fan shoots, and now you’ll get to see all of it here on one website!

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