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Babi Ventura, Demmi, Isabel Stolen High Heels

Video language: English

Demmi can’t find her new high heels anywhere. She’s getting crazy after it because she only bought them to wear at the party she has tonight. Demmi calls Babi to ask if she saw it and while chatting. they remember Isabel was at Demmi’s house a day before, but they doubt she has stolen it. Babi goes to her friend’s house to help her find the shoes and that’s exactly when Isabel appears wearing them! Shocked with her boldness, these two friends will make her pay for being a thief. They make her lick the shoe, pressing it against her mouth. After that, it’s time to use her as a foot slave and make her take care of these four beautiful feet. She’s obligated to lick them, suck the toes and swallow their ankles, until almost throw up. They rub their feet on her tongue, spreading all the saliva at her face and making it look disgusting. This thief suffers a lot with this correction measure!

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