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Barnyard Captive Riley Jane Spreadeagle to the Wall 1-2

Riley Jane finds herself standing with her wrists tied to a wall support in her captors barn. She has part of a tree branch roped in her mouth. City girls should just stay way from where they don’t belong… especially if they are going to and laugh at the locals way of life. Her captor decides she needs to be taught a lesson. The man her and pulls her tits free from her dress. He manhandles and gropes her tits and body. He starts slapping her ass hard. He grabs more rope and starts around her waist. Soon a rope is pulled up tight between her legs. Now he roughly grabs her tits and starts wrapping rope around them until it looks like they will pop. Riley really starts to sweat as he then ties her tit off to the same board as her wrists. Riley’s moans and whimpers intensify as he does the same thing to her right tit. The man grabs a thin green stick and starts to whip her very sensitive tits with it. Riley can do nothing but yelp and whimper through her large wooden bit gag. He then squeezes them hard, and then starts slapping them with his heavy hand. She pleads with her large eyes to stop, but he doesn’t. Her lesson is far from over… in fact he starts smacking her ass again. As if the rope digging into her pussy wasn’t tight enough, he attaches it to an overhead hoist and uses it to tighten it beyond belief. The rope is buried and painful! He then ties her left leg up off the ground to another horizontal wall support. He grabs her tits and checks the tension on the ropes. Riley can’t believe it, but it looks like he is going to pull her right leg off the ground as well!

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