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Bitchslapped 2011-2014 Videos, Part 8

Young, usually pretty hot, amateur girls are inducted and trained to be slaves by masters and mistresses. This revolves around ownership, submission, degradation and humiliation. The girls usually start naked and have writing on their body, then they are f. to recite their contracts and responsibilities, adopt postures, clean, sleep on the floor, act like pets, eat from bowls and prepare food by their clothed masters. A few videos include shoe licking. A few times the slaves are given painful punishments like kneeling on rice. They are also made to know their place with verbal humiliation and being f. to look at themselves in a mirror. There is strict bondage and the girls are sometimes kept in cages. There’s some whipping/caning of upset girls and occasionally a little crying. There’s very little penetration and I think, no sex in any of the videos. There are interviews with the girls and this is about as ‘real-life’ you can get, e.g the women actually spend time in the cages. There’s also great small parts where the women watch their own humiliation afterwards – unique!

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