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Bitchy Arrogant Co-Worker Summer Taught a Lesson – Part 1

Summer is a co-worker of mine. She works in the office and I work in the warehouse. She is always being a bitch. She thinks that she is better than us because she works in the office and her family has money. They must think she’s a bitch too because she still has to work. One day in the break room we were watching a show on the TV where a woman was bound with rope. Summer said that it was stupid. If she were ever bound with just rope she could get out. I asked a few questions such as “What if they used 300 feet of rope and you were hogtied”, etc. She said it would not matter how much rope or how she was tied, she could escape from rope. I made a bet with her right then. I bet her $1000 that I could tie her with rope and she couldn’t escape, but if she doesn’t she has to be my bondage slave for the weekend. She accepts…

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