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BondageJunkies – Sarah

All dressed up and nowhere to go. At least that’s how Sarah felt bolted to the wall and table below her in her sexy lingerie. True be told she was loving every minute of her captivity. Even the drool going down her chin from the bit gag didn’t phase her. It was all a prelude to what she knew would be coming next. After struggling for a while her wish eventually came true has a wand is pressed firm against her pussy. Buzzing softly her built up anticipation ensured she didn’t have to wait long to orgasm. Writhing in her bondage, Sarah knew she would come to enjoy her position. It was only a matter of time.
Sarah had quite a bit to think about starting with her sliding heels on the tile floor. The spreader bar keeping her legs wide certainly wasn’t doing her any favors. Pigtails adorned with silver rings attached to the ceiling to keep her straight should she lose her balance. Twisting and pulling against tight ropes in her predicament tends to do that. Toss in a little f. orgasm and Sarah will need any help she can get to stay standing.
Sometimes people never know when to quit when they are ahead. Sure I had bolted Sarah’s wrists to the wall and put a spreader bar between her legs, but it could be a lot worse. She didn’t see it that way and continued to complain even after the gag went in. If she was going to complain it seemed only fitting to give her something to complain about! Securing a chain around her waist and between her legs the slack is connected to the bar below. Now f. to bend her knees there’s only two options. Support her weight while her legs eventually tire or hang uncomfortably by her wrists. I have a feeling there won’t be many complaints after this lesson.
For Sarah’s challenge, it all starts with a simple clothespin. Several of them actually. Using a string, she must make a zipper around her body or breasts before handcuffing herself. With her key well out of reach and a self applied ballgag preventing any pleas for help Sarah’s on her own to escape. With no recourse she tries to pull them off. Wincing as the first one pops off she bites and groans into her gag, cursing the shot of pain. Drool pours over her breasts as she looks down and sees over a dozen left to pull off. Sarah glances again at the key across the room before starting to pull off the next one.

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