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Breaking Jade part 3

Not many of the women that we shoot will disobey my direct instructions during a scene…in the past year, I can’t remember any model who doesn’t comply with just a little urging…Enter Jade Jantzen…dark, beautiful, sensual, dark and dark…she has a somewhat strictly business vibe…she has been playing with rope for awhile and is familiar with many things BDSM, but has not experienced the expectation of submission…and when it is placed upon her, she scoffs…It is a battle that I win, and I wonder if Jade enjoyed that particular struggle…or maybe just driven to rebellion for reasons she can’t even explain…This update has many intensely sincere exchanges as I guide Jade through her own desires not to submit…in the end I convince her to behave as I wish, even though she continues with her insolence…maybe this one ends in a tie…which is very fitting…and just means that I’ll have to have Jade back to see if I made any impression…or maybe Ill have to spend my time breaking her over and over again…I wouldnt mind…she is a fantastic player even if she isnt much of a submissive…all my best for a great weekend

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