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Breaking The Girl – Part 1

Genres: BDSM

It is our pleasure to present one of the few videos of JG-Leathers in action. JG prefers still images, so videos of him are few and far between. This video was shot at his house in 2009, and features some of his kinky friends Angel and Mistress Marlene. In Part-1 of this four part video Mistress Marlene asks JG for his help with training one of her stubborn submissives Angel. Angel is delivered to JG hooded and chained in the back of a van. Once she is unshackled she spends some time naked and connected to the outdoor fence with handcuffs, an Axsmar nose hook and chain. She is sprayed down with cold water and left to ponder her wrongdoings.
This video is simple adaptation from the myriad of books which JG has published over the years. His stories always seem to revolve around young women who are kept in bondage. JG’s work can be found on Amazon Books, Pink Flamingo, and on his website JG-Leathers. In the three remaining parts of this video Angel will be subjected to ‘The Creature’ which finally breaks the girl as her Mistress requested. A special thanks to JG, Angel and Mistress Marlene for working so hard to create this fun set of videos.

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:02
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