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BrendasBound – The Mad Scientist Terra Arrives And Meets Sarah

Cast: Sarah Brooke, Terra Mizu
Genres: BDSM

The scientist has Sarah in the wood room strung up to a beam. She realizes it is time for her next appointment. She leaves Sarah in her assistants hands to go get ready for her next victim. Terra arrives right on time. She is very nervous and apprehensive that this will even work. Terra has a fear of confinement. She to had answered the add in the magazine. They two talk and discuss what was going to happen. The scientist even tells Terra that she had another patient here going through her therapy right now. She tells her that they might even run into each other so she could see how well everything is working for her. After all the paper work had been signed the scientist instantly tells Terra to stand and strip down to her stocking’s and panties. She tells her that this will be her dress while she is here. The scientist takes Terra to the lab to get started. First on the agenda was a walk about tie. The scientist has an assistant that does all the rope work for her. He comes in and starts adding rope after rope. Terra’s fear starts to set in. She is being confined like never before. Tied to an over head hoist she could do nothing but except her fate. She hears screams coming from the next room and fear really sets in. A short time later the scientist returns to inspect his work. She is pleased with what she see’s. She tells her assistant to go back in the wood room and finish up on Sarah. Terra is shaking. She is so scared about what is next and what this Mad Scientist was going to do to her. With a rope tied to Terra’s neck and a short hobble rope tied between her legs it was time to go for a walk. The scientist likes to show her patients around the lab so they can soak everything in. She walks her around more of a hobble then anything. Terra does her best to keep up due to the hobble rope. The scientist heads for the room where Terra heard the screams. When they opened the door Terra seen Sarah hanging from the beam. She was stretched out in a spread eagle position. Her body was marked and red from abuse. She could barely hold her head to see Terra. Terra goes crazy. She fights the scientist to get free. The scientist grabs her and pushes her in the room telling her guess what is going to happen to you.

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Duration: 40:11
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