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Candors Test 1-3

I have a handful of Candor’s hair as I walk her in. I manhandle her a bit and then shove a huge red ballgag in her mouth. I don’t want her to get away, so I tie a rope around her neck and then tie it off overhead. I raise her skirt and discover that she is wearing a skort. I smack her ass and then her tits HARD for a while, before I cut her skorts off her, as I don’t like them. I then continue smacking her ass. I grab a bundle of rope and tie it around her waist. I turn her around and make her spread her legs as I smack her satin panty clad ass again and again. I grab her tits and slightly lift her off the ground as I turn her back around. I make her keep her legs spread as I add more rope around her chest. A rope is tied off to the fence post behind her to keep her from pulling forward. A rope is pulled tightly between her legs. A fence stretcher is used to pull it up and forward very tightly. Clover clamps are attached to her nipples. A rope is attached and then run over a pulley where a heavy hook is tied to the other end. A bucket is then hung from the hook. I slowly start placing objects in the bucket until finally the clover clamps pull free from her nipples. Up until this point Candor has been fairly quiet. She finally starts moaning and whimpering. I quickly re-clamp them with some heavy duty clamps. I walk away leaving her to endure her crotchrope, clamps, and gag. When I return, I start smacking her ass once again. She now starts to moan with each smack. I remove her gag and then I pull her up by her crotchrope. I pull her head back by her hair with one hand as I remove the clamps with my other. After removing them, I give them a pinch and continue slapping and squeezing her tits. I get more rope and order her to cross her legs. Once crossed, I start tying them. After I get 3 bands on her upper legs and 1 on her lower, I stop to grope and slap my bondage playtoy for a while. At the end of the clip, I untie her neckrope and let her take a seat…

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