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Caroline Pierce Insulted the Wrong Security Guard 1-2

Caroline is a rich brat who is used to always getting her way. She shoplifts for the thrill because she knows that her daddy will bail her out of any trouble she gets into. When she is caught red handed by security she curses him and even spits on him. Normally he would just cuff her and call the police, but she has gone too far. He has gone through the same training as the police and he deserves the same respect. The clip starts with Caroline, wrists bound and ballgagged, being f. into his living room. He ties another rope around her wrists and pulls her arms up, f. her into a strappado. He grabs more rope, Lots more, and starts binding her legs. He starts just below her ass and adds many bands of tightly cinched ropes as he moves down her shapely legs. More rope is added above and below her tits as well. He smacks her ass a few times before he ungags her…

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