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Cheyenne Shown Some Restraint 1-2

Not only did Cheyenne run up the credit card, she ran up a card that I didn’t even know we had. She needs to learn to exercise restraint and I think restraints will help her with this lesson. Being that she lied to me as well, I believe they need to be uncomfortable as well. I grab her by her hair and guide her into the living room. I bought some lumber with the CC and built a nice little structure that will come in handy not only today, but also, I’m sure, in the future as well. Cheyenne’s hands are handcuffed in front and she’s already wearing leg irons. I chain her wrists over head and then start smacking her ass. I leave her stretched out for a while, but I soon tire of her mouth. I large red ball gag is tightly strapped in. I left her skirt and smack her ass again. I also manhandle, pinch, and grope her tits as well. I chain her legs out to the sides of the rack and then I collar her with a steel version as well. I add a leash and then pull it up and out front. I then leave her to endure the unforgiving steel bondage. After a while, I remove her handcuffs and bind her arms behind her back with rope. I then make her sit in a chair. I remove her ball gag and replace it with a pair of panties I got out of the laundry hamper. Clear tape seals them in nice and tight…

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