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Chrissy Marie-The tighter you tape me, the more turned I get!

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

After making Chrissy give him the combination to her safe, the man took her into what he thought was her garage and started to tape her up. Once he had her arms and hands bound, he stuffed her mouth with panties and tape gagged her. Then he wrapped tape around her legs and about to leave her struggling bound and gagged when he noticed something unusual in the garage. Hanging on the wall were whips and leather restraint devices. He realized that Chrissy’s garage was in fact a home dungeon and Chrissy was into bondage. As Chrissy looked up at the man, she felt a bit embarrassed that he knew her secret. She figured he probably also knew she was very turned on by being bound and gagged the way she was. So, she tried to pretend that she was not happy with the situation. But later when the man asked her if she was ready to be let go, she told him No. She then indicated she wanted to try out her New Bondage post. So the man ripped her blouse and bra off. He then taped her to the post and watched as she worked herself up. She was hoping the man would take advantage of her before he made his get away.

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