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Cinching tight with Nina!

Part 1
I fasten Nina very securely into the scary chair, using straps around her ankles, calves, thighs, wrists, arms, and throat. Just to make sure she’s *extra* immobile, I also tie off her nipple piercings to a hard point. Throughout the process, I keep doing mean things to motivate her to test how tightly she’s tied. There’s a particularly great moment starting at about 2:40 where I’m trimming the zip ties holding her head firmly in place, and you can watch her cunt actually drip.
Part 2
Nina is cinched tightly into the Scary Chair, and I set up a Hitachi (plus speed controller) on a stand that holds it in place. She’s literally dripping wet, her nipples are tied off to the ceiling, the electric pads on her butt are working away, and she describes herself as “flustered”. It’s pretty adorable.
Part 3
Nina gets off on the inescapable Hitachi, then looks pretty embarrassed about it. It’s great watching the very expressive little bits of movement her body is capable of while strapped in to the chair.
Part 4
I add some weight to the threads tied off to Nina’s nipple piercings, then adjust the Hitachi to an extra-intense angle. Nina tends in general not to be super-demonstrative, but this took her past that- she has a beautiful extended orgasm which she struggles all the way through.
Part 5
I start seriously experimenting with the speed control on the Hitachi. The vibrator itself has a simple ‘hi’ and ‘lo’ switch. Within each of those, the external speed controller covers a very wide range, and it makes an even-more-ominous rising rumbling whine in hi mode than lo. We’ve gotten to some intense orgasms with it on low. Switching to high prompts a nice mix of orgasms and sincere begging for me to hit her cunt really hard instead.
Part 6
I just sit back and watch Nina coming over and over and over again while she can’t get away from the Hitachi.
Part 7
I add some more tens pads to what Nina’s already experiencing. So, she’s got one electrical channel running through her butt, another through her pubis, both turned up pretty high. Plus the vibrator she can’t move off of. Then I tie her nipples back off to the ceiling again. There’s also a bad person who sometimes turns off the vibrator just before she comes. Yes, I’m trying to finish her off.
Part 8
Nina is strapped in to the scary chair, can’t get away from the vibrator, has a complicated tens program running on assorted pads, and I keep adding weight to the threads tied around her nipples. Screaming and whimpering orgasms ensue, until she’s done.

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