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ClinicalTorments Videos, Part 5

Discover our version of Clinical Torments in this site where you’ll find both sensuality and eroticism done in an institutional setting that will keep you on the edge of your seat. We all have some measure of dread when we visit a medical facility and so here, we will take you on incredible voyages of what could and may have already happened, or be happening while you read this introduction!
The ladies you see within the pages of this site discover how strange and terrifying their enf. therapies and treatments become when they reveal their fetishes and desires for rubber restraint, bondage, dominance, submission and other interesting parts of their sensual personalities.
We’re sure that you’ll find the scenes shown to be scary, sometimes horrifying, and always erotic while our ‘patients’ are taken to places that they didn’t know exist. Be a part of our continuing experimentation on these ladies by sharing your own visions of what could be done !

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