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Comparing marks!

Part 1
Autumn and I explore which method leaves better marks on her breasts; many rapid strokes, or a few harder ones. I apply a whippy cane turned into sort of a paddle using a stiff abrasive tape (skateboard tape? some kind of marine decking?), using one method exclusively on each breast. Both ways are really tough, she struggles with it a lot but she still manages to present her vulnerable bits to me. Being a pale redhead means she marks spectacularly.
Part 2
I continue to work Autumn over with the abrasive stingy paddle. As soon as she turns to hide her breasts, I switch to her butt. As soon as she turns back around, I tell her to stick her pussy out for me to hit. Once she pulls away, I switch to her already-bright-red tits. We continue in that vein until she drops to her knees (this is a *tough* scene), then I stuff my cock in her mouth and make her choke on it while I lean over and hit her ass some more. Eventually she stands back up and I make her stick her cunt out for more while she sniffles and screams.
Part 3
Natural redhead Autumn pushes her cunt out for me to hit with a very stingy toy. This is much more of a dramatic angle than I usually use on a single static camera, but you can see up close just how incredibly red and swollen she gets, plus get good face and body reactions. You can also see clearly how much she squirts when I beat her to orgasm with my hand, then make her drink it, then make her come again, and drink it some more.
Part 4
Autumn’s breasts and cunt are bright red and beaten and sore, and now it’s my turn to get off. At first I’m mean to her sensitive bits with one hand, jerking off with the other while she strokes my balls. Eventually though, I have her start slapping her own cunt while I watch, then slap her own breasts for me to watch while I masturbate to orgasm.

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