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Complete Training – Night24

A continuation of the “do not listen Nante Shaving hair”, semen was cum is spilled on the floor.
Placed over the entire head mask, fellatio behind handcuffs Torture start from.
Rather than fellatio Deep in, and eat a slap it would put a tooth.
Then it poured rain on the ass of the candle that you roast in a candle burner, will very hot,
woman screaming in the heat.
Face is restrained by blindfold with ball gag, this one in front of the gallery whip 100 duster!
While being call the number to everyone, single whip woman to withstand the pain!
Ass after not even put out voice because they are bitten by a ball gag, was struck 100 airport,
is rising tumor to red purple.
In front of the gallery anal exposition, pussy and even more anal with a balloon type dildo expansion is,
at 6.2cm is pussy anus was expanded to 5.3cm!
Human toilet bowl in, making We take the piss Open the large, and it will Good luck is can feel.
The thrust in the face basin filled with water, water torture painful and loose-fitting stepping on his head in the foot.
Is inserted alternately cock two holes, anus is Shabu from the cock that has been inserted into the, Anal is a plug, nipple, nose, a clothespin clitoris is sandwiched, is inserted a cock. Way Anal and would unplugged, let sucking mouth to the plug, clothespins … the nose is inserted a cock in miserable face, fired a semen in the mouth last. is ordered to swallow, is teaching the greeting of “feast” showing its face in distaste so Moro. In addition Anal plug the mouth → anus is inserted in → mouth, anus and then exit the check. I saw a woman who succumbed to the pain and fear, became obedient! This is a video close to torture rather than SM!

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 50:53
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1464kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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