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Courtney Mummified Gag Doll – Part 1

Courtney is the captive of a masked man. He leads her into a small dilapidated out building. He gropes and manhandles her. He kneads her ass through her tight tan leggings. He turns her any which way he pleases, and then smacks her ass and gropes her tits through her sweater. Courtney can do nothing with her wrists bound, and a shop rag stuffed and taped in her mouth. He eventually orders her to the floor. He tapes her ankles. He then tapes her thighs so tight that the tape is actually sunk into her thighs. He then tapes her elbows together and continues wrapping tape down her forearms. He rips open her sweater and gropes her bare tits a bit before more tape is wrapped around her body, going above and below her ample tits. He positions her with ease, and slaps her ass a few times before he hogtapes her. He has other plans for her, but wants her worn out. He doesn’t tape her up to severely so she has a chance to escape from the hogtaping. He orders her to struggle. She does for a while, but her efforts eventually taper. He then rolls her onto her side, so he can have some fun with her tits. He orders her to struggle once again. Courtney obeys and starts to put in a good effort. She eventually breaks the tape which connected her wists and ankles. WithCourtney now exhausted, he can start phase 2 of his plan. He puts his foot on her, so she knows her place. He lifts her up and puts her in a chair. Some of the tape is removed before her gag is removed. Now he can start fresh with the next part of his plan.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 20:39
Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9
Audio: 125kbps

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