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Cruel gag after gag for Serene 1-2

Featuring: Serene Isley

Serene has a password that I need, but she’s not talking. I grab her by her hair and pull out a pair of panties. I stuff them in her mouth and then seal them in with gray tape. I start adding more tape around Serene’s waist as well. I leave her for a while. I eventually remove her gag, but she still isn’t talking. I cleave gag her tight with turn after turn of elastic wrap. It tightens with each wrap, giving serene fish lips and a triple chin. To top it off I wrap her mouth with wide black tape as well. Serene was all about struggling and insulting me a few minutes ago, but now she is silent and not moving much at all. It’s amazing what a punishing gag can do. I get back to taping Serene to the chair. After a while of this I remove her gag again. I grab her by her hair and manhandle her a bit and ask if she’s ready to talk, but still won’t cooperate. I strap a huge red ballgag in her mouth tight! I get back to taping her to the chair. The ball gag by itself is not good enough, so I wrap 4 inch microfoam over the top and around her head. That’s better. I cut an area out of her sweater that is covering her nipples, before I continue taping Serene to her chair. I finally remove the tape and ballgag. Once again she’s still not talking. In goes one of my tube socks. Its taped in with clear stretchy tape. I continue taping Serene to the chair for a bit. I get some blue electrical tape and add it to Serene’s gag. After I’m done, she doesn’t look happy at all!! Once again, more tape is added to serene’s body. I Finally remove Her gag. I grab her by her hair again as she grunts in agony…

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