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Cunt spanking with Autumn

Part 1
Autumn and I model a LOT of different kinds of cunt spanking for the camera. This was part of some video we shot for a ‘Rough Sex’ workshop I teach. The footage is not instructional exactly, more a playful excuse for me to slap her cunt a whole bunch, in different ways, and let her *almost* come over and over and over. Eventually I and get her off with some hard spankings directly on her asshole.
Part 2
The first few minutes of this clip is Autumn holding her legs open, me getting my hand securely over her nose and mouth, then me slapping her cunt *really* hard a single time. She then screams around my hand and struggles for a bit, I take my hand off and we do it again, repeat until her cunt is bright red. After that, I get her off fast and hard, then hold her legs open while she spanks her own cunt to another orgasm. Then I shove my cock in her mouth and beat her cunt to yet another squirting orgasm. This is older footage and my overriding thought while editing was “why the heck didn’t I do this again?”
Part 3
I beat Autumn’s cunt by driving my thigh & knee into it over and over while she comes. Then I punch straight into her cunt (more orgasms), then hit it more like a speed bag while she holds her legs open (orgasms). Then I pound my hand into the outside of her asshole (hey, more orgasms!). Then because it wasn’t already red and swollen enough, I make her lie flat while I swat the front of her pubic mound hard while holding a hand over her mouth (no orgasms, but I eventually have pity and hit a little lower to get her off another couple times). My hand’s tired after all that, so we finish off with me watching while she spanks her cunt hard (and look, there were still some more in there!).

Format: Windows Media
Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9, 2929kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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