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Darby Daniels – Take a Letter

Release Year: 2020
Cast: Darby Daniels
Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Miss Daniels is a looker. I still remember the day she came into the office for her interview. She was a knockout – but she wasn’t flaunting it. As I remember it, she was wearing a dark pant suit with stylish, but sensible shoes. I hired her on the spot. Not because of the way she looked, although that didn’t hurt – she was just the right candidate. She was smart and funny, and as it turned out, really the best executive assistant I’ve ever had. The problem, if I can call it a problem, is that once she was hired and on the job a few weeks, her work attire started slowly changing. The pants suit was replaced by dresses, which started below the knee, but over time got shorter and shorter. She also replaced the flesh colored nylons for black ones. Always black. And her tops got tighter and her shoes… don’t get me started on her shoes. The heels just got higher and higher to the point where I’m amazed that she can even walk in them. I’ve come to the obvious conclusion. Miss Daniels is a serious tease. She knows I’m watching her. She plays it off like she doesn’t notice, but she does. She’s always leaning back in that black leather chair of hers and sliding her legs up and down… some days it is just too much to bear. Today, she’s wearing a super tight white cotton shirt with an equally, and quite ridiculously tight skirt. With most girls, that skirt would be short, but with the length of Miss Daniels legs, it barely covers her crotch – and she’s wearing those super sexy mules today. She loves to sit there an let them dangle off her sexy stocking feet – at this point, I think it’s her favorite game. Well, not her favorite game. I know what her favorite game is. I got an anonymous letter today with pictures of her tied smiling into the camera. She thought that I didn’t notice her take the letter out of her purse before she slipped it into the stack of mail for me. Or maybe, hell probably she did. It was her plan all along. Don’t worry. I have a plan too. I think I’ll take a trip to the hardware store at lunch and pick up a few things. Then we’ll see just how much Miss Daniels likes to play.

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Duration: 18:48
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