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Deny Her Orgasm – Alice and Austin

Alice and Austin: Sweet, innocent Alice is tied to Austin Lynn’s bed. Alice wasn’t aware that Austin’s instructions for this shoot was to keep the slave girl as horny, wet and aroused as possible without allowing her to reach orgasm. Alice giggles and laughs but you can see by how much she squirms and wiggles her hips that she is really desperate to come.
Alice’s Last Stand: Austin has Alice back in her room for more teasing. Alice thinks she can stand up to Austin’s torment, but Austin is just as determined to bring her to new heights of frustration.
Out of the Closet: Tattooed, busty porn star Austin Lynn pulls her innocent little slut Alice from the closet where she had been out away the last time her pussy was used for amusement. Of course her pussy is still wet and she’s dying for an orgasm but that feeling of dread tells her that her sexual frustration will only be made worse. Austin restrains Alice on her bed and secures a gag in her mouth because she knows how intense this session is going to be. She can’t have Austin’s cries for mercy being overheard by the neighbors!

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