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Deny Her Orgasm – Jane

The Therapist: Jane is strapped to her therapist’s table to begin her session. Her chastity belt is removed to reveal a very wet, very swollen pussy. Jane’s therapist is none other than the ravishing Amber Chase who knows exactly how to administer the treatment a girl like Jane needs. Repeated edgings and endless frustration will help her learn to control her deepest desires.
Cross Therapy: Jane is back for another therapy session with porn star Amber Chase. Jane has been making some bad decisions about her choice of sexual partners and came to Amber for help. Amber prescribed an intensive series of tease & denial sessions aimed to help Jane learn that just because she is horny it doesn’t mean that an orgasm is necessary.
Denial Therapy Continues: Jane’s therapy sessions continue to try and re-train her body to understand that arousal not longer leads to orgasms. The sessions will continue for as long as it takes Jane’s slutty to pussy to understand that it only exists to torment it’s owner now, so as soon as Jane can control her arousal, she can stop wearing the chastity belt and begin to experience orgasms again. But that might be a long time off.

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