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Dixie Makes Rachel Cry 1-3

Dr. Cupcakes has a new captive to play with. He walks down several long halls with her over his shoulder. When he arrives at his destination, he puts her on the floor. He calls over his new assistant Dixie. They fondle and play with their new toy for a while. Dixie plays with her ass cheeks to see if she can do the “booty clap”. Her wrists are bound with tape and a rope is tied around her neck in the process. It’s not long before Rachel is standing with her rope overhead. Dr. Cupcakes and Dixie keep referring to her as a stripper. Rachel, with a bit of an attitude “corrects” them and informs them that she is an “exotic dancer” They’ll keep that in mind. Dr. Cupcakes grabs her by her hair and manhandles her a bit before he starts taping her legs. He rips her skirt off of her and cleave gags her with it. Hmm exotic dancers sure like to wear their satin panties tight! Black tape is wrapped on top, making the gag tighter and more effective. Dixie circles the “exotic dancer” like prey. Rachel’s shirt is lifted exposing her huge, firm, large nippled, tits. The Dr. leaves for a while. After circling Rachel, Dixie walks up behind Rachel, who now has a few tears running down her cheeks…

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