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Down The Rabbit Hole part 3

Angelina Black is a bit of a newbie as far as bondage is concerned, but that doesn’t stop Bane from pulling her down the rabbit hole… To ease her in, he her to strip, an act which should be second nature to her. Once she is nude, barefoot and vulnerable, he wastes no time in ordering her to lie on the ground. She obeys, all the while looking to him for approval like a puppy on its first walk… He blindfolds and binds her wrists and ankles and begins her indoctrination… He punishes her with his hand and floggers until she is fully aware of what she’s gotten herself into…In the next scene, he binds her with rope standing on wood to ensure that she is in constant discomfort. Her stretched out arms give Bane the perfect canvas to work on with his “tools.” He lays into her, with whips and floggers… after introducing our new little slave to ball-gags and nipple clamps… After she is nice and pink, he gives her one more “surprise”, ever heightening the fear and anticipation as he hums a little tune…. Bane then shows Angelina that bondage isn’t all bad, she can receive some pleasure, but as Bane isn’t here to pamper our slaves, he goes right back to pain. Electricity, Intense binds, hot wax… Angelina gets a lifetime of experiences in this scene…. In the final scene, we put her to the test seeing if she can please our camera man while still enduring excruciating pain at the devious hands of our Master… She proves to be worthy so she is allowed to cum, however she must wait until she has finished with the camera man. All in all, this is a slave we would love to use again.

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