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Dreams Of Desire

Genres: BDSM

College student Taylor Michaels must write an erotic paper — for one of her classes designed to “liberate” the student imagination — and she’s having trouble coming up with a “good concept”. Her friend Stacy stops by after work and tells her about a time when she got robbed by a burglar and was left tightly bound and gagged in her home for hours and found herself being very “turned on” by the whole event. Taylor thinks that’s a great theme for her paper but she needs some practical experience……so Stacy ties and gags her friend then goes out for Chinese food. While Stacy is gone, a burglar breaks into the house and finds the helpless student. He wastes no time in ransacking the place after he leaves her tied up again. Stacy soon returns to find Taylor and is quickly grabbed by the burglar and his partner — the two woman are tied and gagged again and again as the burglars have their way with them. Vibrators, crotchropes, nipple clips, and cute two-girl bondage is the order of the day along with the usual tight bondage and mouth filling gags. Following our story, Rebecca and Michelle struggle together against their tight bondages, neither being able to help the other get free.

Format: real
Duration: 1:15:50
Video: 700×472, RV40
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 514.1 MB