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Earning her Orgasms part 2

Britney had very little idea what to expect when she showed up to play and she was a bit anxious…and as her name says, she looks young…if it werent for her very nice and large tits, she would appear even younger…but the fact is, she is young…and impressionable…and in the midst of fight or flight…to me, thats like foreplay, but Feenix talks to her…gives her comfort…expresses to her what it is we try to express with BDSM…he gets her in the right place to begin…and that’s important work for a Dom with a nervous subject…She does very well in the first scene, and Feenix ramps up the intensity…she takes it all very well…being a newbie, she fails on some of her responses…Feenix introduces the concept of punishment and reward and Britney sees the light…Even just by the second scene, she is more relaxed and more willing to let him have his way…through electric shock, flogging, fucking machines and clamps, Feenix leads her through intense sensations with screaming results…and plenty of orgasms for that tight, young pussy…but only after she has earned them.

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