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Ellen Equestrian to PonyGirl – Leather 1-4

1: Ellen is being transported to where her new owner will train her. It’s not how you might think though. She has been fitted with leather mitts and ankle straps and then chained to the hood of his truck. He takes the dirt back roads to the training compound. He pulls up next to the door and leaves her to struggle as he unlocks the facilities. The large sliding door opens as we see Ellen still chained down. He walks around unlocking the various padlocks, before pulling her down off the hood. She is dazed and confused after the long blindfolded ride on the hood. He quickly locks the mitts behind her back. He pushes her up against the grill of the truck and smacks her ass a few times before he leads her through the door.
2: This clip starts where Part 1 ended… Ellen now finds herself standing inside. Her mitts are locked together behind her back and her leather ankle straps have been padlocked together as well. Another strap around her neck has been chained above. She is still blindfolded and bitgagged. She moans and struggles about for a while before her captor returns. She is to become his ponygirl and must first be broken down. He is delighted as to what he finds when he unbuttons her blouse. Might as well start with her ample tits. He uses her own crop on them. Poor Ellen yelps through her bitgag as they are repeatedly slapped. Afterwards he removes her leather mitts and laces her arms up in a leather armbinder. She is when he removes her bitgag and blindfold, but before her eyes can even adjust to the light another harness, panel, ballgag is being strapped on her head. A few straps are buckled into place on her legs before she is picked up and placed on the floor. This is where Part 2 ends.
3: This clip starts where Part 2 ended… Ellen lays on the hard concrete floor for a bit, but it’s not long before things get worse. Her captor is soon arching her into a hogtie using more leather straps. He tightens them so much that her tits are completely off the floor and she can rock on her hip bone. He then ties some leather lacing to her harness gag. It is pulled back and tied off. Ellen is then left to struggle, whimper, moan, and endure. This is where Part 3 ends.
4: This clip starts where Part 3 ended… Ellen is rolled onto her side and her nipples are soon clamped with some heavy duty clamps. Once again she’s left to struggle, whimper and drool. Now that she’s on her side, the drool finds it’s way from behind the panel and collects in a puddle on the floor. Her captor eventually returns. He pulls up a chair and starts whipping Ellen’s tits again with the crop. He asks if she’s going to put in the special contacts. Poor Ellen has endured enough and is ready to do as she is told. He her, before lifting and seating her in a chair. She is chained to the chair and her gag is removed. As he prepares for what is to come next, Ellen sits quietly with her lipstick smeared all over her face. She looks peaceful and ready to accept what he has planned. At the end of the clip he pulls her eyelid open and you see the contact on his finger going towards her eye.

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