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Evilly Strung Over The Water – Briella

My body is trembling with fright! My elbows are bound so tightly they begin to throb! I splash in the water with my arms which are tied behind me, and try and get away,,,Anthony keeps tormenting me with water. It gets worse when he decides to put one end of the ladder into the pool. He said he thought he could make it more interesting. I think I am going to have a heart attack over this one for sure! Anthony likes to torture bitches and I always gave him a hard time so of course I was at the top of his bitch list! This is frightening and I am terrified! Now I am chest deep in the water, and he lowers me further and further into the pool on the ladder till I am up to my neck in water. My head is the only thing out of the water. Then Anthony tortures me by lifting the ladder up in the air, and then dropping it back down. He keeps doing this… Up and down and Up and down! I am getting dizzy! He begins to splash water in my face, and even turns the ladder sideways! Finally he takes me out of the pool. But not for long. He doesn’t undo the bindings he simply wanted to throw me back in. Which he did. It’s hard for me to stand up, and I keep falling back under the water every time I try and stand up.. Well they say you only get over your fears by facing them head on.. I just never thought a ladder would have anything to do with it!

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