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Extreme Action part 2

This week we have a no holds barred, sensory assault as Ms. Jennifer Best is manhandled by Ivan. Right out of the gate, no time is wasted as Ivan clamps Jennifer’s taut nipples and gets to reddening her flesh. And once her backside is a satisfactory shade of beet red, Jennifer is strung up by her feet from the rafters for a little more punishment. Dual floggers flail before the clamps are applied to her pussy and Jennifer coos in pain as she swings to and fro. She involuntarily lifts as electricity is applied, and at this point, I have come to realize that Ivan is a man of few words, yet a man of extreme action…When Jennifer next finds herself precariously perched up on her tippy-toes, her Master does his best to show her even more of a shocking time as she teeters on the edge. And her akward balancing act becomes even more of an twisted art-form when the vibe is press tight against her cunt…Next, more clamps are applied on Jennifer’s ample bosom. By know she must surely be numb by experience overload…correct? Somehow, however, Ivan is about to squeeze every remaining drop of anguish out of this slave. And she will have no other choice than to produce for him

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