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Flogging warmup with Endza

Part 1
I warm Endza up for a flogging scene that went to some entertaining places. This clip is pretty straightforward flogging, but I will say she made use of the support tape on her shoulder later (she’s a ballerina, which means she uses her body hard).
Also, yes she has ninjas on her socks.
Part 2
I take advantage of Endza’s balance and flexibility to add a unique twist into a flogging scene. She can support herself in a split in a handstand for quite a while, which opens up her cunt nicely. I also flog her back (and belly and tits and butt), but the opportunity to rotate her on the Y axis is pretty great.
Part 3
I flog Endza front and back with a kind-and-gentle-looking fur flogger (that has a heavy core of leather which adds a ton of thump). Then I flog her throat and face with a flogger that I am very, *very* sure of my aim with. Then we explore further the different ways she can maintain a split in a handstand to open her cunt for flogging.
Part 4
I set the floggers down and am mean to Endza just using my hands (and a bit of my knees). I do a lot of hard nipple pinching, with the aim of teaching her how to breathe through it. There’s also some nice kneeing her cunt, playing with her clit a little too roughly on purpose, and spanking her cunt. She’s a little to push her hips forward for spanking, so I get a good grip on her inner labia to hold her in place.

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