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Foxx to Bunny Transformation 1-3

Featuring: Amanda Foxx

lot of eggs need hiding and the job should be done by a bunny. I have a Foxx, Amanda Foxx, and I decide to do a makeover. Of course it will be much more entertaining if she is bound and gagged as she hops and hides eggs. The clip starts with Amanda already sporting whiskers and a black button nose… her wrists rope cuffed behind her back. I add a crotchrope and waist ropes. Her tits are bound before she is harness ball gagged as well. Hers wrists are untied from behind her back and tied to her bound tits. Her bunny ears are put in place. I attach her little egg basket by hanging it off of clover clamps. The basket hangs a tad low. I have a better I enjoy Amanda’s reaction as I remove the clamps… for now. I tie her elbows and add more rope to her upper body and make sure to cinch it all in place. More ropes attache her crotchrope to her chest harness. I tape up her hands with a lovely pastel pink tape, as bunnies do not have opposable thumbs. Now I can attach her egg basket. I once again apply the clover clamps to her tender nipples. I have some thin twine tied to them which I run through a ring in her collar and then down the the basket and then back up to the collar. I start adding a dollar or so in change to each egg and place it in her basket. She moans as each egg is placed. A few ass smacks and it’s time to start her training…

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