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Fragile Feminine Power Enslaved part 2

When I first laid eyes on Brooklyn’s rare and incredible body, she was getting ready before Dan Cross fucked her for FantasyDamsels…She’s long and curvy…a flat and delicious tummy…a godly round ass which prepares one for the perfection of her lovely pink pussy…big and round, grey-blue eyes that express everything that she’s feeling…I knew I had to get my ropes on her…to have my control with that luscious speci-woman…It was quite easy really…I waited a month or so, then booked her to be my slave for SocietySM…I had Feenix prepare her…dressed in red lingerie and left bound on the bed for me…I revel in the idea of what’s waiting for me…that perfect, fragile, feminine power…helpless to my control whims…She takes my punishments well…she learns her place quickly…she offers herself to me and I show little mercy…and when I give her pleasure, she devours it like a fine young slut…have a great weekend, play safe.

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