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Gina Rae: Rhelps Ivan test a TV myth

Video language: English

Ivan’s request for Gina’s help was a bit vague over the phone, but hepromised he would explain in person, and since they’ve been friends along time, she figured she could trust him. And it did make sense whenhe told her – Ivan saw another TV show last night where a girl wastied up and couldn’t get free, but he doesn’t believe that wasrealistic. Ivan tells Gina he thinks she could have slipped right outof the ropes, and to test his theory, he wants to try to tie Gina upto see if she really can’t get free. Well, still an odd request, butIvan is curious like that, so it’s probably okay. Gina lets him tieher hands behind her back like they do on TV, a little tight so it’sbelievable, and then has her sit down so he can tie her ankles too.It’s not really so bad – a little weird, maybe, especially the way hewrapped the rope under the stilettos, but still okay. He startsanother rope around her knees and Gina starts to get a littleuncomfortable, telling Ivan she hadn’t seen them use that much rope onTV, but he reassures her as he ties another knot.

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