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Ginger Pt 2

Genres: Bondage, Busty, string
Video language: English

When we first find Ginger JR has her stripped down to her bare ass and on her knees. A large wooden post next to her has a long metal bar jutting out from it. JR has tied her neck to it which keeps her in place. Her arms are in a box tie and she has been bit gagged. In her cunt JR has mounted a fuck stick. After several minutes of kneeling there she begins to find it taxing. She starts to crack and a tear falls from the corner of her left eye and runs down her cheek. The hard metal of the gag begins to yield clear drool from the same corner of her mouth. She starts to whine ever so quietly at first, the other eye now dropping tears. Her chest heaves heavy and her oncoming deconstruction only serves to bring her down quicker. As her tears and whining build she tries to move around more, to find a more desirable position. Each movement reverberates in her cunt through the fuck stick. She tries to look around, to somehow settle herself down. JR comes in with a large clear bag and pulls it down over her head and seals it off with a thin leather cord. She freaks. She starts to breath heavier and deeper, the bag expanding and collapsing around her with each drawl she takes. She grows into an all out panic…”WAIT!, WAIT! WAIT!”. She says something about dying and freaking out. JR just plods ahead and we then watch her inside her bag, like a fish out of water. She tries desperately to bring her panic to a manageable level as condensation begins to obscure her vision outward. She takes little breaths to prevent the bag from fully collapsing onto her face as little whines emerge from her face hole. While she deals with her lack of air JR takes nipple clamps and clamps them down hard onto her nipples and then hangs weights from them. She now finds it impossible to take small breaths and the bag correspondingly falls completely onto her face. It has become impossible now to determine whether her moaning is completely from her bag or from her stuffed, needy cunt. Soon she starts begging from someone to get her off as though she were a small little having a hissy-fit. When the Hitachi hits her cunt she breaks out into an all out cry-fest coupled with the rhythmic sounds of a girl blowing her nut.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 36:44
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 1464kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 446.9 MB