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Happy Holidays 2015

We are honored to present the first video we have shot with the rubbery couple of BoundInLatex in Scotland. In this video they pull out all the stops by restraining Jane to a chair, wrapping her in Christmas wrap, and stimulating her with dual e-stim insertables. Jane’s red leather boots and green latex catsuit add to her festive look as custom led strips bounce up and down and change color indicating the intensity and duration of each of her plugs. What is this led thing you may ask? Jane’s partner invented a companion box for the Erostek 312 which converts the two e-stim channels into a visual indication of their activity. So, as the leds turn red and move further up the strip, we can hear Jane groan and yell louder and louder. Yep! What a great way to visualize her suffering and celebrate the holidays at the same time! In addition to this festive visual treat, the kinky couple gives us a taste of their hilarious ‘Yes-No’ game which only adds to Jane’s helpless struggling and suffering. (e-stim people take note of this game) The playful interaction between this couple is addictive, and it becomes quickly apparent that they share a warm and loving together. This is a really fun and kinky video.

Format: mp4
Video: 1280×720

Total size: 1.1 GB in 2 files.