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Hazel Hypnotic – Safe House 2 Part 2

Studio: Infernalrestraints

Its called the Safe House; for Hazel Hypnotic its anything but. Its dark, its cold, and its terrifying. PD wedged a ring into her mouth, keeping her jaw spread apart. At first she thinks it is just so that he can freely fuck her face, but it turns out to be worse. He wants to hear her scream. She would love to deny him the pleasure, to grit her teeth against the fear and pain, but with this tiny device in place she cant help herself.Its part of her conditioning, a very important part, actually. She cant hold anything back from him. When he makes a demand it should be her entire lifes goal to fulfill it immediately. She knows it, too. She knew the second she opened her eyes in this place that her life had changed. It isnt hers anymore. She belongs to him now, entirely.PD is trying to desensitize Hazel to the things that she has to endure. She knows what his plan is, but how much good is that going to do her? It doesnt make a difference if she cant do anything about it. It adds to her dread.She can feel her will slipping away with every passing moment. She starts asking herself things like, “would it really be so bad to give in?” Once that thought is in her head it isnt long before she starts telling herself that it will be ok.And what happens to her then? Will she learn to love her captor? Will he even want her anymore after she has given in? She doesnt know whats worse in the long run, submitting to her fate as a toy for him to play with however he wills, or the idea that one day he will just be done with her.

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