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Helena Stop My Abuse

Video language: English

Helena calls her father, Mr Baxter, into her bedroom because she needs to talk. She is worried because she wants to stop her bad habit of self abuse, but she can’t stop thinking about it and keeps wanting to play with herself. She knows it is wrong, and seeks his advice. He asks to see the state of her knickers, and is dismayed to see that she has clearly been aroused. He can see that she has been playing with herself already. The last time he spanked her for this, he warned her that if it happened again she would get the cane. She says she’ll do whatever it takes to control this, and he says she has no choice and will be punished to help her not abuse herself any more. Helena is positioned on all fours on the bed, and her panties are pulled down. Her father spanks her hard, and again gives her a strapping as he did before. He allows her to give herself a rub, only this time, he makes her get back into position and takes the cane to her sore bottom. He gives her a much harder punishment than before, in hopes that it will be a sufficient deterrent, finishing with six of the best for her to remember. This time, Helena is rubbing a very sore and welted backside, and wants to behave in future to avoid more of that.

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