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Hitting Autum’s insides

Part 1: Autumn lies back with her legs open for a flogging with a stingy little rubber whip. She’s visibly wet for this, so I make her hold herself wide open for more. While I use the flogger, a single rubber strap, and a riot baton to beat the insides of her cunt, my off-camera partner P. zooms in for some nice close-ups (in between giggling at how wet she is).
Part 2: I beat Autumn’s cunt nice and hard, with a flogger and a rubber riot baton, frequently making her hold her legs (and other parts) wide open for it. She’s visibly red and swollen while I beat her cunt in a way she particularly likehates, but I tell her that as soon as soon as her legs close my cock is coming out of her mouth.
Part 3: Autumn and I look for ways to keep her from closing her legs when she comes from me slapping, punching and otherwise roughly handling her swollen cunt. We’re more or less unsuccessful at the not-leg-closing, but boy are there a lot of intense orgasms in the process. She’s lying in a giant puddle by the end.
Part 4: Autumn’s cunt is very sore and swollen, but she’s still able to lift it up for me to flog. As a reward, I have her get up on all fours so I can beat her asshole to many orgasms using a rubber riot baton. Afterwards, I rub her face in the puddles she left on my bed.

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